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  • Jacob Simenoff Aleut bentwood hat

    Jacob Simenoff Aleut Bentwood Hat

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    Jacob Simenoff Aleut Bentwood Hat

    This bentwood mask is painted red ochre color and black with traditional images of hunters and seals. It is adorned with what we believe to be walrus or sea lion whiskers. The hat presents a bird profile, and thus has painted birds eyes as well. Braided sinew strap, walrus tusk carvings of a bird and other shapes, and hematite plus other beads complete this package.

    Bentwood hats were used traditionally by Aleut, or Unangax people on their ocean hunting baidarka voyages. The hat would shade the hunter’s eyes from the sun, and also hide the eyes from their sea mammal prey. There are few contemporary native makers of bentwood hats; the signature on this hat appears as Jacob Simenoff, 1997.

    See a video about bentwood hats here.

    Hat is 16 in. long x 8 in. wide x 9 in. to the top of the whiskers.

    Because of marine mammal content, this item can only be shipped to a U.S. address.

  • Susie Silook Qavaanguq
    Susie Silook Qavaanguq

    Susie Silook Qavaanguq


    Read about the artist…

    Susie Silook: Qavaanguq

    This sculpture will be on display at the Peary-McMillan Museum at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME.

    Susie Silook, one of the most original artists to come out of Alaska, created a major piece based on a dream she had:

    “I dreamt I was in the bow of a boat with an unidentified man at the helm, and the land in front of us felt like home. We saw movement to the left, front, and I got worried that a whale would overturn the boat. The whale breached, backwards, from our left, and somersaulted over us, entering the water on our left. My heart was pounding like mad!

    “The man said I had to kill it, and I was vehemently refusing, but he said :”if it offers itself to you, you have to take it. You have to make the sacrifice

    So in the end the bowhead is draped over the boat like a big fish.”

    This depiction of the dream includes the whale in two positions simultaneously: morphing from the human head and emerging from the human feet. It includes a second human emerging from the torso and spirit figures painted across the body

    41 3/4″ across; 37 3/8″ high, including base

  • Susie Silook: Healing Wings


    Read about the artist…

    This sculpture will be on display at the Peary-McMillan Museum at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME.

    Susie Silook: Healing Wings. A very moving theme carved in ivory and wood by famed Alaskan artist Susie Silook.

    “Spirits can use an animal's body to signal to humans. This is a raven with such a spirit indwelling. She is holding a wing. When I was a small child I was traumatized by certain relatives. My sister's grandmother took a wing and brushed me off until I calmed down. She removed all the negativity. That's what this piece is about.”

    Susie Silook

    The spirit holds a raven wing in its claws, ready to assist a human in distress. Notice details such as faces carved into the breasts. The wooden wings are based on traditional drawings of raven wings.

    Ivory, india ink, turquoise, sepele, bloodwood, brass, seal whisker.

    Tusk is 22″ x 1 7/8″; 20″ x 20″ on stand

  • Susie Silook: Flower Spirit


    Read about the artist.

    Susie Silook, renowned Alaskan artist, created a powerful sculpture from old ivory. Flowers emerge from her left hand and her breasts. Beautiful face, slightly sad; texture in the hair, delicately drilled spinal column. Entwined around her legs is a vine, textured with flowers, that morphs from her right hand. Flower-shaped whalebone base.

    Ivory is 17″ x 1 3/4″ w x 1 14″ d

    19″ h including base

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    Susie Silook: Ancient Bering Strait Doll


    Read about the artist.

    Susie Silook doll: an exquisite figure carved from a walrus tusk by one of Alaska’s top artists. This design is inspired by ancient Bering Strait dolls. Constrained by the shape and size of walrus tusks, many of these dolls were made without arms.

    Rather than incising or inscribing surface designs, as was done on the ancient dolls, Silook has carved some of them in relief. The exquisite face is marked by ancient curvilinear designs. The body has a star design and subtle parka details. Note the curvilinear cutout in the whalebone base, which works effectively with the straightness of the tuisk and the geometric patterns on the body.

    Ivory is 14″ x 1 3/4″ x 1″

    Including base, sculpture is 20 1/4″ high