Susie Silook: Healing Wings


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Susie Silook: Healing Wings. A very moving theme carved in ivory and wood by famed Alaskan artist Susie Silook.

“Spirits can use an animal’s body to signal to humans. This is a raven with such a spirit indwelling. She is holding a wing. When I was a small child I was traumatized by certain relatives. My sister’s grandmother took a wing and brushed me off until I calmed down. She removed all the negativity. That’s what this piece is about.”

Susie Silook

The spirit holds a raven wing in its claws, ready to assist a human in distress. Notice details such as faces carved into the breasts. The wooden wings are based on traditional drawings of raven wings.

Ivory, india ink, turquoise, sepele, bloodwood, brass, seal whisker.

Tusk is 22″ x 1 7/8″; 20″ x 20″ on stand

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Susie Silook: Healing Wings

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
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