The Native American jewelry market and other Native American art markets are rife with industry imposters. With the exception of certain high-profile cases, non-authentic Native American jewelry remains a problem because the largely underfunded U.S. Department of the Interior lacks the resources needed to stop it. To find authentic Native American jewelry, you must find a dealer of good repute.

Home & Away Gallery is where you can be certain that the Native American jewelry is authentic because we acquire 95% our jewelry directly from Native American artists themselves, many of whom we have spent years cultivating a professional relationship based on admiration, equality and respect. The other 5% of our outstanding inventory comes from reliable Native American jewelry providers we can trust.

The Native American jewelry at Home & Away Gallery is authentic, unique and uses quality materials. You will not find a vague jewelry description anywhere on the site. For turquoise Native American jewelry, we clearly state if we know the turquoise is natural, not stabilized, enhanced, or color-treated.

A note regarding authentic Native American jewelry and turquoise necklaces: most vintage and contemporary turquoise beads are made from stabilized (hardened) turquoise.

  • Native American jewelry makers of old would soak turquoise beads in grease to harden them when cut and drilled. If not for this step, the turquoise beads would simply be destroyed.
  • This tradition continues when making modern beaded Native American jewelry.
    • Artists and collectors do not expect turquoise beads to be 100% natural and untreated.

Home & Away Gallery only carries authentic Native American jewelry and art made by outstanding Native American artists. If you have any questions about the authenticity or quality of materials in the jewelry or any other items we sell, please call us at 207 423-8473.