Native American artists:

Home & Away works with a number of Native American artists. Whenever possible, we strive to provide you with biographical information about the artists. Native American artists, just as all other artists, come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Just as with any of us, artists are influenced by their culture, their geographic surroundings, their education, their life experience, and their work experience.

For example, artists from Maine have a different perspective and live in much different surroundings than artists from New Mexico. Woodlands environments and frigid winters engender different life styles and customs than desert areas.

With regard to education, some artists who have been taught by relatives, some have learned their art from community workshops, some are self-taught, and some who have college degrees, from associates to masters. Some artists arrive at a style and stay with it for the rest of their careers, while other artists continue to evolve, either by learning new techniques, or by simply changing their style, or both.

We hope that including these biographies helps you understand what has informed the Native American art of artists we represent, and how important it is that cultural traditions of Native American peoples are kept alive, in part, by the art they create.