Please note that as of May, 2022, the gallery is located at 2 Christensen Lane/Harbor Village, in Kennebunk, Maine. See our Hours, Directions page for details.

Home & Away, an Arctic and Indian art gallery, is located in the village of Kennebunk, Maine. The only gallery of its kind in coastal New England (only 90 miles from Boston), we offer an uncommon and exceptional selection of Native American jewelry by Navajo, Zuni, Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo), Penobscot, and more; Inuit art from Canada; Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Alutiiq and other art from Alaska; and Indian art from Maine and across the country. We offer great artwork that touches the soul.

Home & Away Gallery represents living artists who honor their cultural traditions. We delight in the work of artists whose vision allows them to step beyond tradition into unexplored territory, continuing the evolution of their culture’s artwork that has taken place over hundreds or even thousands of years.

We personally select all the work in our gallery and we will be happy to search for specific work to fill your needs. Above all, we value the relationships we develop through our gallery: relationships with customers as well as relationships with artists.

David and Ann Shultz started Home & Away as a web site in the year 2000. In 2002, they moved to Kennebunkport, Maine and opened a gallery part-time. At the end of 2002, David left a successful corporate career as a finance officer for a major financial services firm to run Home & Away full-time.

David’s love of Inuit art began during a childhood trip to Canada; his appreciation for other Native American arts was further fed during a trip to the southwestern U.S. He began collecting during a trip to Alaska and added to the collection over the years. His love for Native American art led him to want to share the work with other collectors, as well as to expose and educate people who are not familiar with it. He takes pride in paying attention to the needs and desires of customers and providing timely, excellent customer service.

David has lectured on Inuit art at the Boston International Fine Art Show and locally in southern Maine. His writing has been published in Inuit Art Quarterly. David consulted with the Museum of Arts & Design regarding the selection of artists for the “Changing Hands: Art without Reservation 2” exhibit; Home & Away was also a lender to the exhibit. Home & Away also provided artwork for the “Treasures and Trinkets: Collecting Culture in the North” exhibit at Bowdoin College’s Arctic Museum.

We welcome your feedback or questions any time. Call 207 423-8473 or contact us via email.

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Note: the official name of our company is DAASH, LLC. We do business as Home & Away Gallery.