Decontie & Brown Creation Bracelet


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Decontie & Brown: Creation bracelet. This layered bracelet contains woven brown ash sandwiched between layers of highly polished copper. The brown ash tree, which is used for weaving baskets by the Wabanaki tribes of Maine, plays a central role in their creation story. Gloskap, the creator, shot an arrow into an ash tree, which split in two. The Wabanaki people emerged from the tree into our present world. The brown ash tree is, therefore, very important to the Wabanaki people.

This bracelet contains the revered wood, woven and layered between copper, and a graphic representation of Gloskap’s act of creation. The arrow is depicted after having split the tree, with branches falling to either side. The two layers of copper are riveted to hold the woven ash tightly.

The use of copper by the eastern Indians dates well back before contact with Europeans. Hence, this bracelet incorporates one other element of Wabanaki tradition.

Bracelet has an inside diameter of 7 inches, including an opening of 1 1/4″


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Decontie & Brown creation bracelet, handcrafted from copper and woven brown ash

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in
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