Arctic and American Indian arts for the 21st century

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Home & Away Gallery carries Native American arts and jewelry, plus Inuit art from Canada and Eskimo art from Alaska. We work with living artists and artist cooperatives across the United States and Canada to bring you contemporary art and jewelry; some of this work looks very much like traditional work, while some has diverted from tradition to incorporate new materials, new design elements, or new techniques.

Work made by Native artists today¬†continues to evolve from work done hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Today’s art represents the Natives of today; it is not a static representation of art that existed one or two hundred years ago. Many of the artists we represent have been recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Some have won awards as prestigious as Best of Show at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market and Fair as well as the Santa Fe Indian Market. We are honored to represent artists of this caliber, no matter the stage of career they are in. We are indebted to them for their skills as artists as well as for their willingness to evolve their art and elevate it to levels unseen in the past.