Wampum whale tale effigy necklace


An intriguing necklace whose shape is reminiscent of a whale fluke, both in the outside perimeter as well as in the deep purple tones. Round wampum beads complement the less symmetrical tail.

Elizabeth James-Perry’s people, the Wampanoag of Martha’s Vineyard, were renowned for their whaling skills. Wampum, made from quahog shells, has been used by coastal tribes for thousands of years. Items made from wampum, are culturally significant to New England tribes and are held in great esteem within families and within tribes. Perry hand selects each quahog shell for color and other qualities. The shells are cut and drilled into tubular beads. Perry continues this traditional work form as a way of honoring her connection to her ancestors, their history, their way of life, and the ocean that sustains them.

Materials: quahog shell (wampum), artificial sinew, sterling silver.

Necklace is 19″ long; shell is 2 1/8″ w x 1 1/4″ h x 3/16″ at its thickest point.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in
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