Jeff DeMent Tufa Cast Bracelet


Jeff DeMent Tufa Cast Bracelet

Sterling silver tufa cast bracelet. Tufa casts are prepared by carving shapes into porous volcanic stone and pouring molten silver into them. DeMent creates one of a kind casts; he does not reuse the molds.The surface of the finished product reflects the porosity of the mold. The pebbled surface is uniform across the outside of the bracelet.

This has a triangular shape. It will fit a 6 1/4″ wrist; it has a 1″ opening. It is 1/4″ wide and 1/4″ tall.

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Jeff DeMent Tufa Cast Bracelet

Jeff DeMent, Navajo Silversmith

Jeff DeMent Navajo Silversmith
Jeff DeMent Navajo Silversmith

Jeff DeMent started making tufa cast jewelry around 2014 after he had completed military service. He was injured in combat, and came back to the U.S. to heal. His work is exquisite, particularly considering the short amount of time since he began working with silver and stones.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in
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