Erik Sappier Chip-carved Unpainted Root Club


Erik Sappier Chip-carved Unpainted Root Club

Originally used as weapons, root clubs are now used either ceremonially or to be appreciated as art. This root club depicts a man wearing a traditional Wabanaki headdress, with feathers pointing straight up. The chip-carving is of the finest order, beautifully and meticulously detailed. The unpainted surface pays homage to the root clubs of Sappier’s ancestors, which were carved, but not painted.

The raw bark stands in sharp contrast with the carved and polished surfaces.

We urge you to zoom in on different parts of the club to see the fine details; even with that, the club is more impressive in person, as the bends and angles lend a lot that cannot be appreciated in photos.

25 inches long. Diameter ranges from approximately 1 1/8 to 2 inches; wider including the appendage at the top.


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Erik Sappier Chip-carved Unpainted Root Club

Erik Sappier runs an adventure guiding service with his brother in the Maine wilderness. Because of his business, Sappier does not carve frequently and his work is hard to find. His wood chipping is of the finest order, and his limited use of color adds excitement and surprise to his work.

Sappier lives on Indian Island, part the traditional Penobscot homeland on the Penobscot river.

Read more about Sappier’s guiding business here: Penobscot Guide Service.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 in
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