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Inuit jewelry by Mathew Nuqignak and other artists from Nunavut.

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    Sterling silver bear earrings
    Sterling silver bear earrings

    Silver bear earrings

    Sterling silver bear earrings

    Handcrafted by an Inuit silversmith, these chunky sterling silver bear earrings are delightful!

    Sterling silver ear clasp.

    1/4″ High x 1/2″ Wide; 7/8″ from top of clasp to bottom of bear.

    Note the bears are polished sterling silver; any spots that appear dark are reflections from the photography process.


  • Mathew Nuqingak Ulu Earrings
    Mathew Nuqingak Ulu Earrings

    Mathew Nuqingak Ulu Earrings

    Mathew Nuqingak Ulu Earrings

    Master silversmith Mathew Nuqingak teaches jewelry making at the Arctic College in Nunavut. Originally from Broughton Island, Nuqingak now lives in Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut. In addition to teaching at the college, he runs a studio that is open to artists and jewelers in his adopted town. The studio is a gathering place where people work and exchange creative ideas and inspiration.

    These sterling silver earrings are in the shape of an ulu, an all-purpose knife/scraper used throughout the Arctic regions of the world. It is primarily considered a woman’s tool, though anyone who tackles the tasks of scraping skins or chopping food can make use of it.

    1 3/4″ high from ear clasp to bottom of earring; 7/8″ wide.

    Read a short profile of the artist here.