Inuit art from the Arctic regions of Canada, encompassing Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. We feature sculptures, prints, and wall hangings from Cape Dorset, Kimmirut, Iqaluit, Sanikiluaq, Baker Lake, and more.

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At Home & Away Gallery, we believe in exceeding your expectations and building long-term customer relationships.We share our customers’ passion for Inuit art from the Arctic regions of Canada, including sculptures, limited edition prints, wall hangings, and a dash of jewelry.

The Inuit peoples have been decorating items for millenia. Until modern times, the nomadic people concentrated on small items, including utilitarian toggles, masks, and carvings of animals. In pre-contact times, walrus tusk and caribou antler were most commonly used. They had no word for art, but rather focused on how well they thought something was made.

Around 1948, a young artist from southern Canada began to encourage Inuit people to carve in stone. Houston introduced the sculptures to the metropolitan areas of Canada, followed by the United States and Europe. The work continues to enjoy a reputation around the world as an indigenous form of art that remains true to its roots.

With the opening of Kinngait Studios in 1959, production of limited edition prints began in what most non-Inuit call Cape Dorset, in the Inuit-governed territory of Nunavut. The annual release of prints from Cape Dorset continues nearly sixty years since it began.

Wall hangings are created in several communities in Nunavut, with Baker Lake being the most well-known. Before contact with Europeans, Inuit women created practically all their clothing from animal materials, including skins and gut. These utilitarian items were often decorated by overlaying or underlaying skins of different colors and textures on the base skin.

Since the advent of wool fabrics, the women have converted much of their artwork to appliqué and embroidery. Images on wall hangings reflect either every day life, legends, or shamanic figures.

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Home & Away Gallery has been delivering high quality Inuit art to buyers around the world since the year 2000. Some customers make purchases for their personal collections, while others purchase items as gifts. Either way, we are glad to consult with you on your interests, and to help you find the right item for your needs: something that will make you or a gift recipient happy to be living with your acquisition.

We take pride in our customer service, which does not end when you buy something. We like to develop long term relationships with our customers, to get to know and understand each other, to share in our mutual interests, and to allow us to best serve you over time.

We try to make every transaction easy and fulfilling. If you have any questions at all, please call 207 423-8473 in the U.S.A. We have a money-back guarantee, so if you order something from our website and are not happy with it, we will take it back and refund the purchase price. Read our testimonials page to see what our customers have written about Home & Away Gallery. Here is just one example:

“Home & Away’s Gallery Director, David Shultz, was tremendously informative and responsive during our recent visit. He seemed willing and eager to discuss issues related to inuit culture and art, answered questions, and yet gave us space to enjoy and discuss. His follow through during and after purchase, to ensure a seamless experience, was notable.” S.H., New Hampshire