Born in Crownpoint, New Mexico, Jacob D. Morgan hails from a long line of Navajo silversmiths spanning across six generations. The first silversmith in his family was Gray Horse, a talented artist whose intricate techniques have only been further perfected and passed down over the years.

Jacob D. Morgan largely credits his grandmother Louise Charley Morgan as having an especially profound impact on the family. Her jewelry emphasized freeform turquoise setting, sandcasting and stamp work, all traditional Navajo techniques that were passed onto Harry Morgan, Jacob’s father.

Sadly, Jacob D. Morgan was only able to learn how to make Native American jewelry from his father for one year before the man passed away. This predicament forced the young artist to forge his own unique style and become his own teacher. In this respect, his art has always been about remembering his ancestors; his very first piece was in memory of his own father, a bittersweet and all-important start to a successful career.

Award-Winning Authentic Navajo Jewelry

Jacob D. Morgan has gone on to win numerous awards, including first place for his sterling silver jewelry at the 2009 Santa Fe Indian Market, and an honorable mention at the Heard Guild Indian Fair & Market in Arizona. In 2016, he made custom jewelry for UFC fighter Cowboy Cerrone and his trainers.  

We are deeply honored to present Navajo jewelry by Jacob D. Morgan at Home & Away Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine. Contact David Shultz with any questions.