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2nd generation Aleut and Alutiiq baleen basket weaver and sculptor Alma Johnston was born in Anchorage Alaska in 1990. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children. She is passionate about and dedicated to the quality of every piece.

As a basket weaver, she maintains traditions as well as incorporating her own unique styles. “I am committed to expressing my ancestral connection to the art of basketry. My work draws heavily upon the teachings from my father master weaver Don Johnston.” The tradition of baleen basketry is rooted in the practice of transforming raw, natural material into art pieces that tell stories, display beauty, and embody cultural tradition.

“I strive to capture the relationship between the physical materials I use and the intangible emotions that come through in my craft. With each basket I make, a sense of shared history, knowledge, and tradition is conveyed, embodying the spirit and connection of my family of artists.”