Earl Plummer Sterling Silver Cobbled Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Wave Series Navajo Bracelet

Earl Plummer Sleeping Beauty Cobbled Wave Bracelet


This exceptional handmade silver and turquoise bracelet is a jewelry piece from Earl Plummer’s wave series, which utilizes finer materials to the highest quality. In this case, the Navajo bracelet is inlaid with natural turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.

Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones are inlaid and finished in a heavily textured, cobble-like style. That is to say, there is no silver between the turquoise stones, and they are further beveled to produce a sloping effect such as that of cobblestones. The Sleeping Beauty Mine is known for its bright blue turquoise, the perfect hue to fully realize Earl Plummer’s magnificent wave pattern.

Interior circumference of the bracelet is 6 1/2 inches, including a 1 ¼-inch opening. The bracelet is 1 ⅛-inch at its widest point.

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Earl Plummer Sterling Silver Cobbled Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Wave Series Navajo Bracelet

Earl Plummer (Navajo)

Earl Plummer, Navajo silversmith

See Plummer’s work.

Earl Plummer (Navajo) was born in 1975. He creates fine inlay work with a beautiful sense of design. He combines natural stones and shells in ways that complement each other’s colors and matrices to great effect.

Although Plummer learned basic silversmithing techniques from relatives, he taught himself much of what he now does. Working with him since 2004, we have watched this hard-working young man progress from very competent tradesman to master. He copies no one and follows his own path forward.

Much of his work has a clean but bright contemporary look. Silver designs were simple, relatively speaking; his greatest strength was the ability to combine materials, whether homogenously or heterogeneously, in very attractive color and shape combinations.

Since 2007, Plummer has challenged himself with more complex silver work as well. He has made a series of squash blossom necklaces, for example, that contain traditional elements that are combined with contemporary aesthetics. These squash blossom necklaces have been the ticket to awards at nationally known Native American art markets, including the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard museum Guild Indian Market and Fair.

Once Plummer sets out on a mission, he is sure to accomplish it. Fortunately, his missions often involve new concepts and designs. As a result, we have full confidence in this artist’s ability to continue to grow and to flourish, and to be recognized by aficionados of Native American art as well as by his peers.

Earl Plummer lives and works in New Mexico with his wife and four children. He generously gives time to his elders, helping with ranch duties (including sheep-shearing) as well as any other help he can provide.

[title text=”Among Plummer’s awards:” style=”bold”]

2007: 2nd Place ribbon, Santa Fe Indian Market

2008: 2nd Place ribbon, Heard Musem Guild Indian Market and Fair

2013, Best of Classification, Jewelry, Santa Fe Indian Market

[title text=”Publications” style=”bold”]

Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry, Schiffer, N., Schiffer Publications, Ltd., Atlgen, PA, 2009

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
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