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  • Jacob Simenoff Aleut bentwood hat
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    Jacob Simenoff Aleut Bentwood Hat

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    Jacob Simenoff Aleut Bentwood Hat This bentwood mask is painted red ochre color and black with traditional images of hunters and seals. It is adorned with what we believe to be walrus or sea lion whiskers. The hat presents a bird profile, and thus has painted birds eyes as well. Braided sinew strap, walrus tusk carvings of a bird and other shapes, and hematite plus other beads complete this package. Bentwood hats were used traditionally by Aleut, or Unangax people on their ocean hunting baidarka voyages. The hat would shade the hunter's eyes from the sun, and also hide the eyes from their sea mammal prey. There are few contemporary native makers of bentwood hats; the signature on this hat appears as Jacob Simenoff, 1997. See a video about bentwood hats here. Hat is 16 in. long x 8 in. wide x 9 in. to the top of the whiskers. Because of marine mammal content, this item can only be shipped to a U.S. address. [video width="640" height="480" mp4=""][/video]
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    The Welcome of Spring

    John Kailukiak is an innovative Yup'ik artist whose work is held by the Anchorage Museum of Art as well as by numerous private collectors. This mask is titled "Welcome of Spring with its Blessings", or Uupnirkakirtar. It represents the great relief felt by hunter-gatherers after surviving the long winter. The people's items of sustenance, birds and berries, are returning. The man emerging at the bottom of the mask is offering a prayer for all the people who benefit from the arrival of spring. Materials: Face and figure: white pine; concentric rings: driftwood pine; qaluyat earthen pigment ochre with acrylic mix; beluga sinew; Alaskan ermine fur; linseed oil; ptarmigan feathers. 26" x 18 1/2" x 8"
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    Inuk (Man) Ceremonial Mask Form

    Lawrence Ahvakanas skilled hands create serene, yet evocative faces. Carved from Red Cedar. 11 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 2"
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  • Raven-mask
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    Raven Steals the Sun

    Mr. Laktonen's version of the "tricky black bird that helped his village (or people in general) by venturing out to a faraway village to steal and bring the sun. The amber in the beak represents the sun and brings back memories of when the Kodiak residents used amber for decorations and when Raven danced for joy. The male figure plays a drum, and the female figure is dancing. The grey color of the figures is to signify the change from black to light. This is the moment of transformation. The shape of the mask is the negative image of the shape of the sun. It is to give the impression of the darkness before the light." Carved from old growth red cedar with abalone inlay. 24" diameter
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    Loon bowl

    A beautiful loon bowl carved from yellow cedar, with a separate base. The mother loon and baby perch on a douglas fir base adorned with mother of pearl dots. Mother is inlaid with red beads around the perimeter and red glass eyes. The top of the loon lifts off to reveal a natural cedar bowl with a whale effigy. Loon is 17 1/2" long x 6" deep x 6" high; 10 1/2" high on stand. Stand is 32" long x 11" deep x 4" high.
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    Rain Mask

    Based on an ancient Alutiiq design, the artist has created a contemporary version that takes full advantage of the beautifully grained spalted birch. Goat hair adorns the paddles. Mask: 21" x 21", including paddles; 24" x 27" including hair.
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